iSI – intelligent Scorpio Interface

Fathom Systems design and manufacture the field proven iSI - Intelligent Scorpio Interface, exclusively for Tritech International Ltd. and with over 100 units sold, this product remains the industry’s preferred choice in the upgrade of navigation & heading reference systems for Scorpio, Triton, Diablo & Demon ROV’s.

The iSI has been designed as a direct replacement for the Scorpio, or derivative vehicle Heading Interface PCB in the Mux Pod. The iSI uses the same electrical pin-outs as the existing PCB, but rather than using the output signals from an older mechanical gyro, the input signals to the PCB come from the Tritech iGC & iFG serial data links. The primary function of the PCB is to receive the serial data from the iGC (stabilised magnetic heading, pitch, roll & heave) and the serial data from the iFG (fibre optic gyro heading sensor output). These signals are then combined into a 12-binary output word representing the vehicle heading. This binary word is equivalent to the output generated by the Synchro to Digital converter on the existing Gyro Interface PCB. The PCB also accepts data from the primary vehicle heading reference unit such as a high accuracy North Seeking Gyrocompass (NSG).

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