Chamber Entertainment

A new generation of diver entertainment delivery products that offer state of the art media delivery to a DDC environment.

Products designed to distribute audio and video to off-shift diving personnel located in a Diving Decompression Chamber.

The system has been developed in response to a market need for modern, reliable, high quality systems which offer flexibility and advanced features. 

The modular system is scale-able and can be configured for a wide range of applications ranging from a simple ‘analogue to IPTV television broadcast’ to a fully managed, digital television and stored media system allowing multiple ‘Users’ to access the media they require on demand.

The system has been designed as such so that the minimum of equipment is required to add extra areas or functionality.Chamber Entertainment

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Live television delivery and recording
  • Secure personal media provisioning
  • On-Demand video, audio and image delivery with resume function
  • High resolution in-chamber touch screen
  • User Friendly interface
  • Simple configuration
  • Remote server/content management
  • Scale-able architecture providing flexibility and cost-efficient installations

Centralised Media Server:

  • Media Management Server
  • Television Server
  • Network switch

Each Chamber has further dedicated system comprising:

  • Chamber Entertainment Server
  • Multiple touch screen HY-Pads
  • Chamber Wireless access point
  • Chamber Power supply
  • Chamber Power distribution boxes
  • Internet gateway

Chamber Hy-Pad

The Hy-Pad is the main system interface for each of the users in SAT and is where all their media content is accessed.

The Hy-Pad is a tablet that has been specially modified by Fathom Systems for a saturation chamber environment. The main battery has been removed for safe use in chambers and a power cord permanently attached to the device.