The intelligent Bell Instrumentation System (iBIS) is an integrated, high reliability redundant instrumentation and control system for the new generation of diving bells.

Now with several years of successful and reliable operation, iBIS was originally developed for the two 24-man Divex dive systems (Skandi Arctic & Seven Atlantic).  The systems feature state of the art fibre-optic multiplexers, redundant fault tolerant controls and provides a fully integrated solution.


iBIS is a ‘high end’ complete electrical control system package comprising an array of bell installed Fathom Systems hardware plus topside electrical equipment and control software installed on the dive vessel to support the diving bell equipment. This in turn monitors the parameters of diving operations to satisfy the requirements for operations specifically in Norwegian and Danish controlled waters. 

Electrical equipment controlled includes bell internal and external lights, scrubbers, heater(s), acquisition multiplexers and sensors for measuring system parameters and the management of emergency battery power. Monitored parameters include diver depth, bell depth, bell temperatures, hot water temperature and flow and system diagnostics.

The system also provides bi-directional diver voice communications and up to 8 channels of uplink video through an optical fibre link in the main bell umbilical (specification dependent). iBIS also incorporates an emergency ‘through-water communications’ system for communicating with the divers in the event of a loss of the main bell umbilical connections.

Principally the iBIS monitoring capabilities are intended to satisfy the requirements of Norsok U-100 for diving in the Norwegian continental shelf areas at depths up to 200 metres, with the facility to easily expand the system for applications where diving is carried out at depths beyond 200 metres.  These Norsok requirements also satisfy those stipulated by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) for diving in the Danish sector.

The Fathom Systems DDCS – Digital Diver Communications System interfaces directly to the iBIS to allow the benefits of fibre-optic based loss-free communications between the surface and bell.