Diver fNET HD Camera

For safer diving and high definition underwater video inspection

Fathom has brilliantly solved the problem of sending digital HD video, interference free, over long umbilicals without using fibre or special cable types.

Needing only two umbilical wires for power and data, fNETp delivers live video pictures with the diver’s voice comms over standard Ethernet networks. Video can then be recorded anywhere on your network but is also continuously recorded locally in the camera.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhancing Diver Safety
  • Superior imaging in challenging conditions
  • Low light colour performance and wide dynamic range
  • Transmits signals over one standard twisted pair in the umbilical up to 600m+
  • Integral 9W dimmable LED main light
  • Emergency battery operated LED light
  • Integral Depth Sensor 90msw or 350msw
  • Connect Bailout Bottle Pressure Sensor
  • Wet-connect second hand-held camera with light to the same umbilical

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Safer Diving:

Sensors measure the diver’s depth and heading which is transmitted to the surface over the same 2-wire link as the High Definition video. 

A high intensity, dimmable LED light is integrated in the diver’s camera and an independent battery - powered emergency light activates automatically upon loss of main power to the camera.

A Fathom bailout bottle pressure sensor interface is provided to enable the supervisors’ monitoring of the diver’s emergency breathing gas cylinder.

For added diver safety, an independent battery powered emergency LED light automatically activates should power be lost to the HD camera and high intensity dimmable main LED.

Add sensors for complete Diver Monitoring System (DMS):

Topside Sensor CCU optionally can include the capability to connect several signals for Fathom DMS expansion including, per diver;

  • 5 x configurable analogue inputs for additional DMS monitoring:
  • Primary, backup and diver’s breathing gas supply pressures
  • Pnemo Depth pressure sensing
  • Diver hot water temperature
  • iNET for O2 and CO2 analysers

CCU for Sensors


A high intensity dimmable LED light is integrated in the camera.

An independent battery -powered emergency LED light turns on automatically if main power to the camera is lost.

Emergency Breathing Gas Monitoring:

By adding a Fathom bailout bottle pressure sensor, the supervisor can continuously monitor the contents of the diver’s emergency breathing gas cylinder.

Distribute and Record:

Ethernet IP streaming and recoding of live images and data is possible to any location including between an LDC and mother vessel over marine WiFi links or even to company and client offices ashore.

Run Fathom applications on PC:

  • Control cameras, View & Record HD Video and Audio
  • Diver Monitoring System (DMS) with black box recording

Fathom applications

For details of DMS Software, refer to SP-PDS-098