Internal Chamber Analysis

Compact in-chamber unit with all sensors integrated pO2 and ppO2, CO2, CO, Temperature, RH, depth, ROCO depth

iMFSU Benefits

In-chamber multifunction sensors enable fully integrated monitoring of the hyperbaric environment with improved accuracy while saving installation space and cost versus traditional analysers.

iMFSU in chamber 2


Fathom’s iMFSU achieves improved accuracy and latency operating within the primary hyperbaric environment and pressures instead of conventionally at the end of a one atmosphere sample line.

iMFSU first image 3


In-chamber auto-calibration of the gas sensors is a Fathom patented feature allowing the iMFSU to meet DNV class rules with the units remaining in the chambers at all times.

iMFSU Cal Gas Controller 850x360

The iMFSU can also be decompressed for the sensors to be tested and calibrated outside the chamber by life support technicians if necessary.


Space and cost savings are significant with iMFSU which demand far less space and associated equipment on board when compared to conventional analyser racks and sampling instruments.