fNET Modem

Fibre-free, high bandwidth data and control

Fathom Systems’ fNET transforms subsea communication by enabling high bandwidth and protocol transparent data links over screened twisted pair, coax or power lines up to 1km.


fNET modem 2

Key Features and Benefits:

Infrastructure cost saving

  • High bandwidth data - without fibre
  • Uses cores shared by legacy systems
  • STP / coax / powerline compatible
  • 235Mb/s and 1.7Gb/s speeds
  • Range up to 1km

IIoT capability for data intensive applications:

  • Multi-channel HD Video
  • Subsea data acquisition
  • Simultaneous control and monitoring

Simple, protocol transparent installation:

  • 2x 10/100 Ethernet and 2x RS232
  • Compact subsea modems for pods

fNET can coexist with traditional communications buses operating on existing umbilical conductors and can also be configured to provide highly resilient backup data links over umbilical power connections.

Brownfield infrastructure can now be considered for upgrades previously thought impractical due to their limited communication capacity and, for some new applications, the need to consider the complexity and cost of fibre installation can be eliminated.

Dual modems are housed in a convenient DIN-rail mount format, the topsides module provides two independent fNET, each supporting a 10/100 Ethernet port plus a transparent RS232/RS485 port.