Hyperbaric HD CCTV

Integrated video capture and video management solution for chamber monitoring

Chamber view

Redundant, fully digital high definition CCTV and Video Management system using latest hyperbaric I.P. cameras including facility to record significant amounts of HD video.


Key Features:

  • Fully digital high definition (HD) CCTV
  • I.P. cameras with 100MSW or 350MSW hyperbaric housings
  • Turnkey modular redundant integrated in-chamber monitoring, video and comms
  • Local chamber monitoring stations
  • Ergonomic centralised control and monitoring station
  • State-of-the-art Video Management System (VMS) for monitoring & digital high definition video recording


  • Reduced external chamber equipment and electrical penetrators
  • Reduced control room equipment and cable
  • Lighting can be controlled  from local manual stations or from the central control
  • VMS able to record significant amounts of HD video for later analysis

Integrated Solution comprising HD CCTV and Hyperbaric Instrumentation

Each chamber has a Primary Instrumentation display comprising a 19” marine Panel PC (LROS approved) which connects to the primary in-chamber Hyperbaric Instrumentation Module and Hyperbaric H.D. Camera.

On the display will be a high definition (HD) video image of the chamber from an in-chamber IP High Definition camera that can also be panned and zoomed by the operator using the integrated touch-screen on the panel PC display.

Compartment environmental data, alarms status and the details of the chamber occupants are shown on the lower section of the display.

Operators can view images in real-time and digitally ‘pan and zoom’ to any area of the chamber using the touchscreen or mouse, eliminating the need for conventional P.T.Z.

The central Video Management System (VMS) is configured with the necessary Terabytes of RAID configuration hard-disk storage to meet the specified hours of video and recorded frame rates from the quantity of installed camera’s h.264 video streams at 30fps on the detection of movement and a reduced frame rate of 6fps when no movement is present.