Video Integration

When safer operations demand clear sight of every activity, anywhere - from anywhere and in real time, complete subsea to the cloud digital solutions developed at Fathom make it happen.

High Definition IP digital video products and fully integrated systems for marine, underwater and offshore applications.

Custom Software & Integration

Integrated custom software applications blend control and monitoring functions with live video and audio streams to simplify user interfaces and increase the safety of your mission-critical system.

DMS Video

Display and Record

Have full control over cameras and any audio/video streams with recorded video viewed locally, or streamed via the cloud for real-time display on any PC or mobile device.

Dive Console

Underwater & Hyperbaric Cameras

Camera models have been developed for ROV, sub-sea tooling, diving bell and diving chambers and also for mounting on a diving helmet. All are equipped with dimmable LED lighting and integrated fNET for transmitting HD video over conventional copper cables underwater and rated to 100 or 350 MSW.

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fNET - IP data over old cables

Upgrade to high bandwidth IP connected devices easily on legacy infrastructure with Fathom’s fNET OFDM modem technology enabling network data, video and audio streams to communicate over existing cables or umbilical.

fNET modem 2