Internal Chamber Analysis

intelligent Multi-Function Sensor Unit (iMFSU)

A single unit containing all the environmental sensors required to monitor the atmosphere within a saturation diving chamber to 550m.

iMFSU in chamber 2

Accuracy challenges at depth

Conventional analysers collect a sample from the chamber brought to surface pressure. The drastically reduced concentrations of target gas necessitates extremely accurate sensors and compensated partial pressure values calculated based on pressure differential.

iMFSU Solution

As the Fathom Systems iMFSU measures oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide directly within the chamber, the sensors produce an accurate partial pressure measurement without requiring partial pressure compensation. 

Functionality is enhanced with the inclusion of temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors within the iMFSU.

Simple Maintenance and Calibration

Using patented techniques, the iMFSU is calibrated inside the chamber, using non-zero calibration gases.

iMFSU Cal Gas Controller reduced

Alternatively, the iMFSU can be easily removed from the chamber for repairs or external calibration if required.