Discover how to operate safer and more effectively with the latest industry leading developments from Fathom

Having been involved in 12 of the latest generation of new-build DSV projects in addition to many upgrades of legacy systems and vessels, we have now extended our focus to further support surface-supply diving and to bring our technology to the Submarine Rescue market.

Recent innovations to complement our existing portfolio include:

  • Industry changing HD Diver and hyperbaric video camera systems.
  • Compact multi-sensor gas and environmental monitoring analysers for in-chamber use.
  • High bandwidth HD video and data networks deploying Fathom’s proprietary fNET for legacy cabling to support the latest generation HD video systems and data networking.
  • Hyperbaric lifeboat monitoring and tracking systems (SPHL CSMTS) now incorporate our pioneering R&D work with diver health monitoring in the hyperbaric environment.
  • We have also extended our software solutions to incorporate dive management and planning tools that either integrate with our existing diver monitoring and control systems or operate as stand-alone tools.