HD Diver Camera
Digital revolution in diver monitoring integrating HD cameras, lights and advanced diver telemetry
Van gogh bell 300 msw FT3
ANµBIS Bell Instrumentation, Comms and Emergency Power for latest generation Saturation Diving Systems
iMFSU first image 3
550msw hyperbaric monitoring now realised with in-chamber multifunction analysis
IMG 3997 Adv4Mpx90pc
Simplify chamber video monitoring with hyperbaric HD cameras with fNET
DMS Video
Improve safety awareness with HD digital video integral to DMS and cloud streaming
SPHL cutaway 100x600
IOGP-478 & IMCA D052 compliant SPHL Monitoring and Tracking
iGA Banner Large
State of the art intelligent gas analysis products for dive system life support
DSC 8720 reduced
Tailor made solutions for commercial diving operations
iBIS Back up panel DSC 8631 reduced
Fail-safe control systems
Remote intervention tooling specialist controls and HD video solutions
Diver Comms Front Page Large
Industry leaders in diver voice communications systems

Engineered System Solutions for New Build & Upgrade Dive System Projects

Fathom Systems is the undisputed leading brand in the commercial diving industry for diver communications, gas analysis, diver monitoring and integrated diving control systems for DSV.

Based in Portlethen, Aberdeen we are now in our 16th year and have earned a reputation in the Industry for the latest in technology, unsurpassed quality, reliability and innovation, with a number of technology and safety awards to reflect this.

Having been involved in 12 of the latest generation of new-build DSV projects in addition to many upgrades of legacy systems and vessels, we have now extended our focus to further support surface-supply diving and to bring our technology to the Submarine Rescue market.


Technical Support & Helpdesk

Our on-line help desk allows you to track the status of submitted technical requests, post follow-up notes and correspond with help desk operators in a bulletin board fashion. To take advantage of these benefits, you need to login using your user id and password before submitting support requests. Registration is quick and free.