New Generation LDC

Fathom Systems equip the latest generation of Light Diving Craft with state-of-the-art integrated solutions

SubseaPartner's newly built Light Diving Craft is a state-of-the-art vessel designed for operating on the Norwegian continental shelf as well as for international operations.

The vessel is equipped with the latest Fathom Systems technologies and products developed for the purpose and is in compliance with IMCA and NORSOK industry standards.


SubseaPartner AS


  • Diver Monitoring Systems for Depth and Gas Analysis
  • Digital Diver Communications and Remote Comms Outstations
  • Underwater HD Video Cameras and Lights
  • HD Video Management Systems with LDC to Mother Vessel Marine Wi-Fi Links


HD Video Management System (HDVMS) and Diver Monitoring System (DMS)

High Definition IP video camera streams from each diver and an additional deck camera are digitally presented along with the corresponding Diver Monitoring System (DMS) parameters on a 4K Ultra HD touch screen monitor and also recorded for later analysis.

For ensured reliability, Fathom Systems designed the DMS & HDVMS to run on DNV approved 4K Ultra-HD touchpanel multi-vision video displays and compact PCs with power backed by dual redundant marine UPS systems.

HD Video Diver Monitoring System Console NORSOK


Dive Table Planner Software

Fathom System's Surface Supply Dive Table Planner Software enables the organising, simulation, analysing and evaluation of air diving operations.

During live operations, the dive planner application can interpret Dive Monitoring System data in real time, producing a concise correlation between where the diver’s current location is in relation to the dive table limitations.  Should any limits be exceeded, alarms sound and the application will automatically adjust to the appropriate table.

LDC Air DMS Main Screen


Digital Diver Communications System

Dual duty/standby diver comms is provided on two touchscreen OCP (Operator Control Panels) deliver the familiar comms user interface as found on Fathoms larger digital diver comms installations. Up to three remote comms outstations are also supported which can be on the mother vessel as well as the LDC.

Dive OCP cropped


Diver's Gas Analysis

Fathom Systems gas analysers receive samples from the last point of influence upon the diver’s gas mixtures and full time utility analysis is provided for oxygen and carbon dioxide content for each diver’s mixture plus a cross check and cabin ambient oxygen.

iPOA panel


Diver Equipment

Provided for each diver are the key items of equipment associated with the Fathom supplied Communications, Video and Diver Monitoring Systems:

  • fNET HD IP Video Hat Camera
  • LED Hat Light
  • Depth and Bailout pressure transducers
  • Hot Microphone with hat penetrator
  • Excursion Umbilical

diver equipment


Marine WiFi Link

Fathom’s digital integration of diver monitoring and HD video is streamed from the LDC to mother vessel using a 200m range Marine WiFi Link. This bi-directional data link allows the Dive Supervisor on the mother vessel to see real time HD video and DMS parameters and voice communications with divers and the LDC.

Subject to host vessel satellite bandwidth, Vessel Operators can also view the same live information from their offices anywhere in the world.

Follow this link to view SubseaPartner's promotional video presentation 

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